What Makes Us Different

HM Equity ManagementWe build lasting partnerships through hard work, integrity and in-depth knowledge and experience of the business. When investing with HM Equity, we share your investment goals and work with you to make sure the goals are met.

Using an integrated IT platform, web-based reporting and daily on-site inspections, our field-based teams keep management up-to-date regarding daily operations, the condition of the property, any resident concerns, and the need for enhancements. We use this information to provide accurate reports on investments and to support appropriate recommendations on maintenance and improvements.

To enhance the value of a property, we find efficient means to reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency. For example, we purchase comprehensive insurance coverage to protect the staff and the property. We further reduce costs by installing water-saving devices, implement cost-efficient energy procedures, and replace out of date equipment with more modern energy saving equivalents.

We continually explore ways to increase value of our properties and its prospects for financial growth. We update its appearance, implement additional revenue centers, add amenities, and conduct successful promotions. We also identify and add modern telephone and cable systems, and most importantly engage in all social media avenues to enhance our communications with our clientele.